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Creating and managing schedules is difficult and time consuming. We provide the tools to see the day’s schedule at a glance for each team. Customers have the ability to set preference so they get the team members and the times that they prefer. Colors can be used to show home location, job status and the recurring frequency of the service. Tags can be added to jobs so the cleaning technicians know what work needs to be performed at a quick glance.

  • Auto-schedule

  • Schedule-optimization

Technician Dashboard

The Technician Dashboard provides your employees a simple intuitive look into their schedule for the day. They can clock in and out and see what jobs they will be working for the day. Clicking on a job will allow them to see all details about that job, clock in/out of that job and see what they should focus on for that specific customer.

  • Mobile-centric

  • Desktop capable

  • Job Clock Management

  • Photo uploads

Notifications and Scorecards

Throughout the day, customers would like to know when technicians are on the way to their job, when they are finished with their job and others. This app delivers notifications sent via email, text or an automated call in real-time to keep everyone in the know.

When the technicians are finished with a job, an email is sent to the customer asking how their service was. A customer can quickly reply with one click. This allows for real-time satisfaction and data to correct potential issues within the company.

  • Service Notifications

  • Reminders

  • Scorecard Feedback


When you're on your way or when you are complete.

Keep customers informed

Customers appreciate being notified when you are on your way or if you’re running late. Send emails, text or automated phone calls to keep them in the know.


When a job is complete, send an email requesting feedback.


Get realtime feedback from the customer to quickly address issues and to prevent revenue loss.

Sales and Marketing Tools

Integrations into external websites allows Leads be saved within the application. Leads can then be contacted and quoted within one central location. Quotes can be emailed and follow-ups can be sent.

Automated campaigns can be created to target specific groups to and send marketing communications.

  • Website Integrations

  • Email Campaigns

  • Email Templates

Customer Portal

What would an app be without a customer facing login? The app provides the ability for Customers to login, view job status, view invoices, upgrade their service and others.

  • View Invoices

  • Upgrade Service

  • Manage your Jobs