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Lead Engagement

Contacting leads quickly and efficiently is the key to any business, especially in today’s high-tech society. People want answers yesterday. The platform integrates with external websites that push data into the Lead tracking portions. Email and text messages go out to quickly engagement the potential customer.

  • View email delivery status, opens, clicks

  • Send and Receive Text Messages

  • Automated Followups

Agent Integrations

Within the moving industry, many agents will service a move. Our platform allows for external agents to securely update portions of a client file. This allows for timely data entry and a smooth operation.

  • Agent Logins

  • Encrypted

Robust Reporting

Over the course of any given year, the web application houses over 3,500 lead and client records. Without robust reporting features such as, Line-Haul tracking and Lead Source data, the portal would be all for not.

  • Tracking by Lead Source

  • Year-over-year Line-Haul Tracking

  • Sales Goals